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As a little child Philissa Williams always knew she was going to engage in something creative in her life,  it was still unsure in what craft.  Studying graphic design and photography at The Corcoran School of Art, in Washington,D.C. opened her up to thinking about color, space, lines,  forms, and expression.  It was here her love of working with her hands and creating something became her passion and subsequently after she pursued her studies at the London Image Institute. 

For the past 15 years, Philissa has mastered the unique style of Thembe Fashions; creating couture designs for local singers and musicians in Washington,DC and now Barcelona. She has also put together a number of trunk shows and fashion shows throughout the DC areas.  She participated in numerous shows in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia and New York promoting her everyday high casual couture looks suitable for all styles and size.

Upon her first trip to Europe in her early 20's she was the most impressed and inspired with Barcelona. The panoramic view and bold colors and shapes from Gaudi Park, the geometric stone tiled side walks and sense of ease in the air were all factors to why she chose to have her career in design full time and moved to Barcelona five years ago.