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When asked, “who are your favorite designers?'“, I can honestly say that I don’t know. Yes, there are designers I like and I enjoy flipping through fashion magazines to see what is current and on the rise.

Designing and making clothes has always been about the way I live my life and how I feel. I am inspired by the things I see and all forms of art. Sewing is my outlet to portray what I take in. A way to express and do whatever it is that comes to mind.
I began sewing by recreating the items I already had by hand. Nearly a year later, my mother bought me a sewing machine. She actually asked me if I was crazy one day because it took me 2 weeks to finish one dress. I was grateful for this gift and the new found speed to make clothing.


Now, nearly 15+ years later, I find myself back with the needle and thread and loving it. Currently, I hand sew nearly 90% of my pieces and consider each one to be wearable art. Every dress is a new idea and expression of how I feel the female form should be seen and how the woman should feel when wearing it: sexy, confident, and most importantly herself.

My vision for designing is to accentuate a woman's silhouette and enhance her natural beauty and style, all while being comfortable and classic with a hint of sex appeal. I believe a woman must feel good in the clothes she wears so she is able to present her true self at all times.