It all started when…

A friend mentioned that I should look up an American singer based in Barcelona named Tori Sparks. He thought that my pieces would suit her well. So I contacted her on FB, offered my services, and today we have a lovely business relationship as well as friendship. Since January 2016 she has worn a Thembe Fashions original piece in nearly every concert, including international tours, album release shows, television appearances, benefit concerts, photo and music video shoots. The upcoming documentary 37 Grados (Gramaphone Records, 2020) features a clip of our work together.

“It has been and continues to be such a gift to work with Philissa. Her creativity is endless, she has a strong vision in her work, but is also willing to discuss ideas and preferences. Her pieces don’t look like anything else out there. They’re also incredibly easy to travel with and wear onstage — I can breathe in them, move in them. Music is very physical, it’s hard to find clothes that make you feel and look good and that you can also throw into a suitcase, pull them out, put them on, done. As a professional, I can’t recommend her highly enough, and in the process she’s become a great friend.” 

—Tori Sparks 

More photos and videos of Tori wearing Thembe Fashions exclusive pieces are at www.torisparks.com